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This Webpage has been created with support from Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.


“Latvian Nature Heritage Fund”
Akademijas laukums 1
LV-1524, Riga, Latvia

Those who have profound interest in Latvian nature monuments for sure will have extraordinary discoveries.
Photo: G. Enins

Nature monuments form important part of our heritage. We admire them now - but our task is to keep them for future generations. Nature monuments have served as a source of inspiration for centuries, many have been turned into some kind of icons of Latvia - like Ventas Rumba or Zvartes Cliff. But we can not say that our nature monuments are well known outside Latvia. It would be worth to come from lands afar to see them.

Even the people inside Latvia don't know many impressive nature monuments - few know the colourful Zardi stream waterfall, Korkuli underground river or, possibly the most magnificent viewpoint in Latvia from Ververi precipice.

Goal or this Webpage is: to show the diversity and beauty of Latvian nature monuments. We have registered more that 10 000 interesting monuments but here we have selected approximately 200 “representatives” - this should be good introduction in diversity of nature monuments in Latvia.

Information about some of the monuments is published with somewhat uneasy feel - practice shows that mass tourisms sharply decreases the beauty of nature monuments and sometimes even destroys them.

We kindly ask you to justify our confidence and treat any of those unique monuments with dignity and lenience!

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