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About us

Open fund Latvian Nature Heritage Fund unites people with different professional background who love Latvia, its reach nature and history - people who are ready to work for studies and conservation of Latvian nature and historical monuments, nature rarities and biodiversity


To study, guard and tend nature of Latvia. The actions embrace monuments of the following kinds:

- noble trees;
- unusual and historical trees;
- finds of rare species;
- large boulders and historical stones;
- cliffs and outcrops;
- caves;
- sinkholes and other karst phenomena;
- springs;
- waterfalls, rapids, whirlpools;
- unusual geomorphological forms;
- sightseeing sports;

as well as:
- rare phenomena of nature;
- place names;
- ancient paganic sacred sites;
- petroglyphs and ancient property signs;
- legends and beliefs about Latvian hills, valleys, forests, stones and othe nature monuments


Members of Fund organise and participate in expeditions in the area of whole Latvia to search for, study, measure monuments of nature and nature rarities in order to collect possibly much information.

Each monument gets own file with the results of measurements, publications, drawings and pictures, maps and other related material. For each kind of monuments there are elaborated data base sheets and there is created united database of the monuments as well as created GIS layers with geographical information about the monuments. Fund elaborates methodics for investigation and measurement of different kinds of monuments.

In order to achieve the conservation and good care of monuments there is issued literature and publications, there are organised educational activities, seminars, exhibitions. On regular base the members of Fund participate in educational TV broadcasts.


Science Academy of Latvia
Akademijas laukums 1
LV-1524, Riga, Latvia
Phone/fax: +371 7 226 963

Bank requisites:
Unibanka, Ridzene branch, Code: 310101900
Account No. 02011469637
Reg. No. 40008033226



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