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Admini hill boulder

Picture - A. Opmanis, September 1997

Coordinates: N 56°31'26,9" E 25°30'59,5"

Location: Aizkraukle district, Staburags municipality. Near Admini, at the Admini hill foot, field side, 250 m N from Staburags railway station;

Description: Gneiss. Size: hieght 3,9 m, length - 6,1 m, width - 2,5 m, volume - 32 m3. Measured by A. Opmanis 7th September 1997.
Several times endangered by human activity. There was interest in this large boulder by the builders of nearby railway line in 1903. In order to make the boulder more impressive it was partly dug out by local people at the beginning of 20th century. On the top of the hill there was traditional Summer Solstice site.
Unearthing of the boulder is done by local people together with the latvian Fund of Culture support group “Celaprieks” since 1995.

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