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Seimani boulder

A. Opmanis, May 2000

Coordinates: N 56°33'57,4" E 27°58'35,2"

Location: Ludza district, Cibla region (Lidumnieki municipality), Seimani village, 300 m from the left side of Eversmuiza - Aizpure road. Boulder located in meadow on hillside;

Description: Length – 9,2 m, width – 5,2 m, height up to 2,1 m, circumference 23,3 m, volume – 38 m³.

Almost hidden in tall grass. One of the largest boulders in Latvia, most part of unknown size is under the soil.
Most likely fireplaces have been made on this stone once ago.

A. Opmanis, May 2000

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