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Gudas cliffs

Picture by M. Zeltins

Coordinates: N 57°14'59,0" E 25°00'15,2"

Location: Cesis district, Straupe municipality, right bank of Gauja River, near Gudas;

Description: This cliff resembles stem of the ship - the sharp cliff stands in middle of whirlpool. Here the height of vertical cliff - 14-15 m. To the north-east the height of this cliff reaches 18 metres - it is located further away from the bank.
Summary height of the bank here - 50 m, but most part of this height is covered by debris. Small stream falls down the cliff further away from the bank of Gauja river.

Picture by A. Pundurs, June 2004

Picture by M. Zeltins

Picture by A. Pundurs, January 2003

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