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Kalamedzi cliffs

Coordinates: N 57°32'35,6" E 26°26'36,5"

Location: Aluksne district, Gaujiena municipality, Polaka ravine near the site of former Kalamedzi.;

Description: Nearby sitenames - Zivju (Fish) forest and Zivju sarga (Fish guard) manor - remind about the old fish ponds which once existed along Polaka stream.
Deep, wild ravine with dolostone steeps on both sides, smaller and large caves and alcoves in those cliffs. Highest cliff reaches 8 m height.
The stream through this ravine nearly disappears in summer while at high water it turns into loud and mighty river. Ravine is 240 m long, up to 12 m deep. Width at the bottom - 10 m. There is waterfall in this ravine as well.

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