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Springi cliffs

One of the icefalls over the Springi cliff
Picture by G. Pavils, February 2005

Coordinates: N 57°15'09,3" E 25°03'30,4"

Location: Cesis district, Ligatne, left coast at sharp Gauja river bend, 230 m upstreams from the mouth of Ligate river;

Description: More than 600 m long cliff with two discontinuances. Middle part of Gauja series.
In the central part there is picturesque overhang over Gauja River. Cliff is hard to access - it goes along Gauja river and it is complicated to reach the foot at few places where are sandbanks between the river and the cliff. There form 3 - 4 impressive icefalls during the winter.

Picture by G. Pavils, February 2005

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