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Galtene Sacred spring (Kalkleja)

Picture by G. Pavils, March 2003

Coordinates: N 57°09'11,4" E 22°50'05,8"

Location: Talsi district, Strazde municipality, 1,4 km SW from Galtene, left bank of Oksle stream valley, in forest, 600 m NWW from Doras;

Description: Effervescent spring, forming 2x2 m large pond filled with white sand. Spring discharges 20 l water per second. 100 m below there has been formed small pond where lime is sedimenting. Lime covered plants are seen in this pond.
Since ancient times springwater has been used for healing. There have been found several coins in this spring, oldest ones from 18th century. Small offering around the spring are placed even today.
Small waterfall several hundred meters below the stream.

Pond with springwater.
Picture by G. Pavils, March 2003

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