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Stream disappears gradually through several holes.
Picture by G. Pavils, November 2002

Coordinates: N 56°34'14,7" E 25°14'16,8"

Location: Aizkraukle district, Serene municipality, right bank of Lauce River, 500 m S from Liepjani;

Description: Korkuli stream is small but well manifested river with sandy bed. It winds through 10 - 15 m deep ravine with primeval broadleaved forest. Some 300 m below Korkuli hoemstead river disappears underground through several sinkholes. Here forms some 0,5 km long underground river. The outlet of this river is especially impressive during the high water in spring time. Near Korkuli River there is vertical pit made by geologists in order to investigate the underground karst cave found during the geological investigations around Aizkraukle dam (for hydropower plant).

River appears from the “underworld”.
Picture by G. Pavils, November 2002. gada novembris.

Water suddenly starts flowing over the dry bed.
Picture by G. Pavils, August 1999

Last sinkhole, whole river has disappeared underground.
Picture by G. Pavils, February 2000

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