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Ververi scarp

View from Ververi scarp.
Picture by G. Pavils, June 1999

Picture by A. Opmanis, May 1989

Picture by G. Pavils. Ververi scarp. July 1999

Coordinates: N 55°53'20,1" E 26°52'31,0"

Location: Daugavpils district, Vecsaliena municipality, large precipice at the left bank of Daugava River near Geitviniski;

Description: Precipice consisting of quarternary sediments, 36,5 m high (other information - 42 m). At the foot there is seen sandstone of Upper devonian age. In 1930ies there was even a small cave in sandstone.

38 degrees steep precipice, it consists of gravel. One of the most prominent exposed glaciotectonic structures in Latvia. Sometimes the layers of glacial deposits lay vertically, sometimes they are turned around.

Longterm existance of the precipice is endangered - there is valley behind it and during the high water Daugava water enters this valley. This may cause landslide.

At the foot of this precipice, at Daugava there is natural “stone pavement”.

The view from the top of precipice is among the the most beautiful views in Latvia.

Slutiski scarp at the opposite bank of Daugava is the largest outcrop of quarternary sediments in Latvian part of Daugava valley. The height of it - 40,9 m, width - 400 m. In 1925 there was 6 m high outcrop of Devonian sandstone with several small caves. Now it has been covered with debris.

Erosion by Daugava river is less intense now and both scarps are overgrowing with bush.

Picture by G. Pavils. View feom Slutiski village - Ververi scarp seen. July 1999

Picture by G. Pavils. View from Slutiski scarp. July 1999

Slutiski scarp in 1925.
Picture by A. Zandbergs

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