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Sprestini maple

Coordinates: N 57°29'24,3" E 25°05'27,5"

Location: Valmiera district, Dikli municipality, in front of Sprestini manor house

Girth: 5,50 m
Height: 20,5 m
Projection of the crown: 300 m²
Length of branches: up to 12,2 m

Description: Largest silver maple (Acer saccharinum) in Latvia.
Trunk has got unusual form, many knobs, shoots. It divides in 6 large branches.
Earlier at each side of manor house there was one silver maple - two in total.
There is a tale that in 1949 there fell enormous tree on the manor house - maple tree which grew to the west from the building. During the Soviet ocuupation the roof was not repaired and now the building is in ruins.

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