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Monuments › Caves  › Caves in western part of Vidzeme

Outstanding caves in the western part of Vidzeme

Incukalns Devil's cave Krimulda Devil's cave Gutmanala Paunaga cave Blusu (Flea) cave Liela ieza cave Vejini cave Stuki cave Roci cave Simteni cave Lauri bay cave Velna Ceplis Langi Big cave Patkula cave Sietiniezis Devil's cave Devil's Cellar Daugeni Big cave Karogi cave Viksnas cave Kurmji cave Kuikule Sacrifice cave\

Blusu (Flea) cave

Daugeni Big cave

Devil's Cellar


Karogi cave

Krimulda Devil's cave

Kuikule Sacrifice cave

Kurmji cave

Langi Big cave

Lauri bay cave

Liela ieza cave

Patkula cave

Paunags cave

Sietiniezis Devil's cave

Simteni cave

Stuki cave

Vejini cave

Velna Ceplis

Viksnas cave

Exact location of those caves is not shown

Celpi cave

Roci cave

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