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Outstanding outcrops in the western part of Vidzeme

Loreleja Zvarte cliff Sauta hill Springi cliff Gudas cliffs Kraula cliff Ainavu precipice Kuku cliffs Vizuli cliff Ergelu cliffs Cusku (Serpent) cliffs Langi cliffs Sietiniezis Skanais kalns Bulu cliff Ermana cliff Pursalas cliff Veczemji cliffs Pietrags

Ainavu precipice

Bulu cliff

Cusku (Serpent's) cliffs

Ergelu cliffs

Ermana cliff

Gudu cliffs

Kraula cliffs

Kuku cliffs

Langi cliffs



Pursalas cliff

Sautas kalns


Skanais kalns

Springi cliff

Veczemji cliffs

Vizuli cliff

Zvarte cliff

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